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Public Transportation in Netherlands

Public transportation in Netherlands mainly consists railway transport in Netherlands. Transportation by railways is the most popular form of public transportation in Netherlands. The country is covered by rail tracks that amount to 6505 km. Most of the big cities in Netherlands are connected by railways. Public transportation in Netherlands that is covered by railways is managed mainly by a private organization called Nederlandse Spoorwegen. Other part of the railways serving public transportation in Netherlands include organizations like NoordNed, Syntus, Connexxion, and DB Regionalbahn Westfalen. All the companies however have a common tariff system. Most of the trains operated by these private organizations have both first and second classs compartments. Some local trains operated by NoordNed and Syntus have only second class compartments.
Public transportation in Netherlands consist trains that plies at nights called Nachtnet that serves trians every hour connecting the major cities in Netherlands like Rotterdam Central , Delft, The Hague Central, Leiden Central , Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam Central, Utrecht Central. The characteristic feature of Nachtnet is the U-shaped single railway track.
Apart from the regular railway transportation in Netherlands, another means of public transportation in Netherlands is the metro railway. The metro service is available from 0600 hours in the morning and continue till midnight. The principal private organizations operating metro service between the cities of Netherlands include:
  • Gemeentelijk Vervoerbedrijf operating on Amsterdam, Diemen, Ouder-Amstel route
  • Rotterdamse Electrische Tramweg Maatschappij operating on Rotterdam, Schiedam, Spijkenisse, Albrandswaard, Capelle aan den Ijssel route.
Tram or light rail forms another means of public transportation in Netherlands. The various private organizations operating tram or light rail include GVB, RET, HTM, Connexxion, and NS.
Bus forms another means of public transportation in Netherlands. Both regional and city buses are found to ply throughout Netherlands. The long distance buses serve only those destinations that are not served by trains.
Transportation in Netherlands
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